Mo College is the first ever platform which intends to implement SOCIAL & TECHNOLOGICAL integration among colleges in a state.

Dr. Nalini Pati

I am overjoyed to learn the launch of Mo College by Hon’ble CM Naveen Patnaik. As an alumnus from Ravenshaw University, I consider it a good concept. I am excited at the opportunity of confluence between old and new students to churn out some good new thing. I am connecting, do you?


Dr. Nalini Pati is an Adult and Pediatric Hematologist with a special interest in malignant hematology including leukemia, lymphomas and myeloma, haemopoietic stem cell transplantation, thalassemia, haemoglobinopathies, bleeding disorders and Pediatric Hematology. He also manages various forms of anemia and bone marrow failure syndromes. In addition, he provides Pediatric Hematology outpatient-based services to the ACT and regional NSW. Dr. Pati is a Hematology Staff Specialist at Canberra Hospital and a Senior Clinical Lecturer at ANU Medical School, Canberra, involved in various core teaching activities of the medical school. Dr. Pati has been working as a consultant hematologist in both adult and pediatric in Canberra and has been actively involved in patient care with a focus on holistic care in hematological cancers. Dr. Pati undertakes a number of community-oriented projects, the main one being providing medical access to patients with bleeding disorders and hematology patients living in remote and rural areas of Australia. He also runs other programs for cardiac first aid, cancer awareness, common health issues at the community level through workshops, radio and television media programs. He has been involved in research projects in clinical and laboratory hematology and has several international paper presentations and publications. Overall Dr Pati contributes to clinical care, research, teaching and is actively involved with various hematology programs both at national and international levels thereby contributing to the wider society.

Hematologist, Canberra Hospital, Australia



Associate Professor

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