Mo College is the first ever platform which intends to implement SOCIAL & TECHNOLOGICAL integration among colleges in a state.


The Mo College programme aims to design emotionally invested platforms thus connecting the rich Odia Alumni Diaspora in the world & create building blocks for holistic development of the college ecosystem in the state of Odisha.

One should contact the Head of the Institutions/Mo College Coordinators, the details of which are mentioned in the micro pages of the Universities/Colleges in the Mo College Website. The Universities & Colleges also have a functional University Level Committee (ULC) & College Level Committee (CLC) headed by the Vice-Chancellors/Principals along with the nominated members.

The powers and functions of the CLC/ ULC are outlined below:

  1. Take active steps for proper implementation of the “Mo College Abhijan” as per the recommendations and directions from the Governing Body of Mo College; and
  2. Any project which is required to be implemented directly by the CLC/ ULC as per the procedure envisaged in this Bye-law, shall be implemented by it and all information to that effect shall be given to the Governing Body.

One can easily help one’s Alma Mater intellectually by taking webinars on useful topics, motivating students by sharing life experiences, facilitating industry-connect for the students, conducting Employability workshops and guiding students for career building.

Donors may make contributions in terms of money, materials, skill, infrastructure and/or services.

The lower limit of contribution is rupees 2000 (Two Thousand Only) and there is no upper limit to the contribution.


Yes, one can make donation in foreign currency through the Mo College portal.


One needs to furnish KYC information such as Name, Aadhar number, PAN, Mobile & e-mail id. The NRIs need to provide Passport details, PIO or OCI number.


The Mo College State cell will have a dedicated team to track & monitor each & every project sanctioned to the Universities/Colleges & will update the same in the Project Dashboard from time to time. After implementation of the project, efforts will be made to publish photographs of completed projects on the Mo College website.

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