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Career Counselling @ RD Women’s University

Students often require good counselling to boost their career prospects and shape their future. Keeping this very motto in mind, “Mo College Abhijan” organised a Career Counselling programme at the Ramadevi Women’s University.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairperson of Mo College Abhijan, Shri Akash Dasnayak pressed the basic necessity of career counselling. He said, it holds key to avoid unpleasant career decisions. In fact, correct counselling helps the students to recognize their true potential and choose a career path suited to their personality. This vastly increases their chances of obtaining career success.

Speaking on similar notes, Chairman of Intellect, Shri Debendra Nath Rout, focused on the need for understanding the job market, the benefits of each major and the job opportunities available both in mainstream and off-beat career pursuits.

The counselling sessions help students explore the entire spectrum of careers opportunities as per their abilities and interests. This enhances their awareness about what to expect and how to prepare themselves in meeting those goals. With proper evaluation and guidance, students get to know the best career paths and alternatives for their future. This, in turn, helps them in the long-run as career paths keep evolving over the span of a lifetime. Since they become aware of their core competencies, they can make fruitful decisions in the future as well.

The Vice Chancellor of RD Women’s University, Prof Smt Sasmita Mohanty maintained that counselling is all about getting to know one’s strengths and weakness, interests and challenges. It helps in giving clarity of vision and the mission, and finding the common denominator between dreams and reality. It is also between dreaming and enabling one to fulfil it, and between finding the propelling force behind one’s dreams, she said.

Overall, every Varsity and all colleges must be well-equipped to offer insight to students regarding their career as constant peer pressure and familial expectations often add to the woes of the students. Identifying potential and aptitude in self often lead to have a better understanding of future prospects, she added.

It is worth mentioning here that Mo College Abhijan has been a pioneering force in offering career counselling programmes to students in various Varsities and colleges.

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