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Infrastructural Works @ Kishore Nagar Degree College

Kishore Nagar Degree College, Angul has received a matching grant of Rs 3,18, 548 from Mo College Abhijan for the construction of the College Gate and Beautification of the college.

The Alumni contribution for the project at Kishore Nagar Degree College, Angul stands at Rs 1,59,274. With this, the college has received a total of Rs 4,77,822 for the new infrastructural construction works.

Alumni Shri Saroj Kumar Sahoo, who has contributed Rs One lakh for the project, believes that the college was in a dire need of a Gate and other beautification works. Principal Shri Akshay Kumar Dash says that the marble works will be done on four pillars of the entrance gate. A steel gate with pass way will be made on the structure for allowing authorised entry.

Under the Beautification Works, Mural Art will be carried out in the garden and philosophies of great people will be engraved on special plates which will be placed inside the garden. Besides, saplings of various flowers and decorative plants will be planted which will add a lush green look to the garden.

The students of the college are quite excited about this new project and the makeover of the College will add a new chapter to the college history.

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