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Seminar on Mental Health @ BJB Autonomous College

A national seminar entitled “Mental Wellness and Today’s Youth: Stigma and Concerns” was organised at BJB Autonomous College in Bhubaneswar under the Mo College Abhijan.The main speaker at the event was Dr. Sunita Reddy, Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU Delhi, while Chairperson Mo College Shri Akash Dasnayak graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

In her address, Dr. Sunita Reddy, Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU, Delhi highlighted the need for being responsible for ones’ own action and not to compare with others. She explained that making good use of potential and having a holistic development of personality often creates happy youth.

Addressing the seminar, Chairperson Mo College Abhijan Shri Akash Dasnayak stressed on the need for one to be unique and to continue his/her journey without comparing their lives with that of others. He also urged the students to look after their own mental fitness issues. “In fact, healthy and balanced youths are the pillars of productivity of our nation. The stronger they are, the better are the chances for the growth in productivity and progress of a nation,” he said.

Joining creative aspects of life like music, dance, recitation, creative writing etc will help one to focus and fight back anxiety and depression.  One must be brave enough to express emotions which are an integral part of the mental well- being, Dr Reddy spoke.

Good counselling for mental issues definitely opens a window for person/s suffering from mental health issues. Promoting mental well-being of the society requires courage, conviction and the need for change. Early diagnosis of the issues leads to better diagnosis and better-coping skills. Therefore, today’s youth must have the self-belief that facing the demon within obviously curbs problems rather than running away from it.

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