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Mental Health Seminar at Shailabala

Mo College Abhijan a flagship program of Govt of Odisha and Department of Higher education has been a thriving platform for the overall development of Universities and Colleges.

Apart from successful matching grant Mo College Abhijan has been conducting successful mental health seminars in various Universities of the state. Shailabala Women’s Autonomous College, Cuttack organized a national seminar on ‘Mental Health Concerns in Today’s Youth’ under Mo College Abhijan.

During the event Key speaker Dr Jashobanta Mahapatra, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Clinical Psychology, Institute of Mental Health SCB Medical College and Hospital Cuttack gave tips on how to handle stress. Like every other health aspect, mental health is very important and it should be properly taken care of. So, understanding and encouraging is very important for those undergoing mental health issues. A helping hand and positive mind in treating a person with mental issues definitely goes a long way.

Mo College Abhijan Chairperson Shri Akash Dasnayak also stressed on the need of students mental well being. A current research shows that every sixth person in India needs mental health assistance. The gap between the young people suffering and the people getting the treatment is primarily due to a lack of awareness among the masses.

Nevertheless, Stigma and awareness about mental health are the two broad fields that everyone needs to catch up on. The people suffering should understand the importance of communication and how having a conversation helps. The idea of seeking support through therapists and psychologists is gradually normalizing. Shailabala Women’s Autonomous College, Cuttack certainly believes that the healthier a student is the more successful he or she is.

In fact, the current student of the institution needs to be more open towards their mental health. The only secret to have a balance mind set is to know the trick of knowing how to manage stress. The mind of each one is very powerful, and it should be utilised positively to fulfil your life goals.

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